2019 Pensioner Trustee election results

In January 2019, the Trustee board invited eligible pensioners to stand for election for one of the two pensioner Trustee positions that would arise when the terms of office for the current incumbents - Susie Franklin and David Bloomfield - came to an end in April 2019.

We received considerable interest from the pensioner population for the role and a total of twenty-seven candidates put themselves forward for the two vacancies. Before the voting started, we asked all the candidates without any previous Trustee experience to attend a training day to ensure they understood the significant responsibilities and time commitment of the Trustee role.

Electoral Reform Services independently managed the election process. A total of 20,941 voting papers were distributed and 5,369 valid voting papers were returned by the deadline of 12 April 2019. David Bloomfield and Christine Winn received the highest numbers of votes — 959 and 832 respectively — and will begin their 4-year term of office on 1 May 2019. Christine Winn will replace Susie Franklin on the Trustee board. David Bloomfield stood for re-election and is therefore reappointed to the Trustee board. We would like to thank all the candidates for standing in the election and their interest in the Trustee role.

Susie Franklin decided not to stand for re-election this year but has served as a pensioner Trustee on the Trustee board since May 2015 and as the Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee (ARC) since May 2018. Susie has made a valuable contribution to the Board and ARC during that time and the Chairman and his Trustee colleagues on the Board would like to thank her for her hard work and diligence in carrying out the pensioner Trustee role.

As a reminder, the Trustee board is made up of 11 Trustees:

1 Independent Chair of Trustees
5 Trustees appointed by the Company
2 Active member-nominated Trustees
2 Pensioner member-nominated Trustees
1 Deferred member-nominated Trustee

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