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Board changes >

Trustee profiles

Alongside our two new Trustees in this issue, you can read more about their colleagues on the Board here.

Facts and figures >

Formal report and accounts

You can find the full report – containing all the Fund membership, finance and investment statistics – in the 'Downloadable documents' area of the Fund website.;

What is sustainable investment? >

Statement of Investment Principles

You can find out more about our approach to sustainable investment on page 5 of our Statement of Investment Principles. This document can be viewed from a link on the Home page or is in the 'Downloadable documents' area of the Fund website.

Statement of Investment Principles: now online >

Statement of Investment Principles

Our Statement – which covers how we manage the Fund’s investments – can be viewed from a link on the Home page or is in the 'Downloadable documents' area of the Fund website.

A look at the Investing plan >

Chair’s statement

The ‘Chair’s statement’, covering our rules and standards for the Investing plan, is available directly at these links, or from the homepage.

About the annual allowance >

Tax allowance leaflets

For more details about the annual allowance (including examples of how the tax charge works), visit ‘Pension Tax Allowances’ from the homepage.

Finding out more >

Downloadable documents:

This area of the Fund website contains all its official documents – from the formal report and accounts, to the plan guides and Investing plan fund factsheets. You can find all the forms you might need – and even browse back issues of Fund Focus.

Ask Una

For answers to any HR questions, follow this link to the Inside.Unilever homepage to use the ‘Ask Una’ search facility.

People like U

Answer a few questions to find out how someone in a similar situation to you might make decisions about their benefits.


The modeller can show you the effect of some of these decisions – whether changing your retirement age or extra voluntary contributions – on your pay and benefits.

Unilever's financial education website

Money matters – so make good use of our website packed with a wide range of information to help you plan your finances.

The Government's 'GOV.UK' website

Visit GOV.UK for information about any of your State benefits. You can find out your State pension age and get an estimate of the State pension you are due to receive.

The Money and Pensions Service

The new, combined service offering free and impartial guidance on how to manage your money. For advice on your personal finances, you may wish to consult an independent financial adviser – see 'Unbiased' below.)

The 'Unbiased' portal

This website helps you find a qualified and regulated independent financial adviser in your area.

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