Your pension

From 1 October, the way the Fund works for active members of the Fund will change. While the information on this site is correct at the moment, we'll soon update it to reflect the changes.

You can find out more about how the Fund will work for you from 1 October at

If you are about to join Unilever, or have recently joined, you should have received summary information about the Unilever UK Pensions Fund ('the Fund') with your terms and conditions of employment. This website gives you more information about the benefits available in the Fund.

As a new joiner to the Fund, there are two parts of the Fund that apply to you – the Career average plan, and the Investing plan. You build up benefits in the Career average plan and may also build up benefits in the Investing plan at the same time:

The Unilever Career average plan (you build up pension based on your pensionable earnings between two levels)
When you retire, this will provide a pension from the Fund and you may be able to exchange some pension for cash at retirement.
The Unilever Investing plan (for extra voluntary contributions and for a Unilever contribution on earnings above the Career average plan higher level)
When you retire, this can provide a pension from an insurance company or you may be able to take some or all of it as a cash sum.

For a summary of the benefits, go to the 'At a glance' section. For more detailed on the plans, please download the Career average and Investing plan guides from the downloadable documents area.

Because we feel saving for retirement is important, we enrol everyone starting at Unilever into the plan.

You can opt out

If you decide the Fund is not for you, you need to complete, sign and return an opt-out form after you have started work at Unilever, and have joined the Fund (that is, become an ‘active member' of the Fund). Although you will join the Fund on the day that you start work at Unilever, if you return this opt-out form, duly completed, within a month of your employment start date, then your membership will be cancelled with retroactive effect from your employment start date. (You can also opt out at a later stage if you so wish, but in that case your membership will stop when that opt out takes effect.) The opting-out form is also available from the Unilever Pensions Team.

You should think carefully before taking the decision to opt out, as it will mean that you will no longer be saving towards your retirement. You may also want to take independent financial advice before deciding. If you do not have a financial adviser, you can use the website to find one in your local area.

In addition, there are a number of websites available that can provide you with guidance on pensions and saving for your retirement, such as The Pensions Advisory Service and the Government's website,

You can change your mind

If you opt out and later change your mind, you can opt back in by filling out this form.