Your pension

From 1 October, the way the Fund works for active members of the Fund will change. While the information on this site is correct at the moment, we'll soon update it to reflect the changes.

You can find out more about how the Fund will work for you from 1 October at

The Unilever UK Pension Fund (“the Fund”) is there to provide a pension for you in retirement, as well as other valuable benefits during your pensionable service such as protection for you and your dependants if you die or become too ill to work for Unilever (provided you meet certain eligibility conditions).

There are three parts to the Fund that apply to you – the Career average plan, the Final salary plan and the Investing plan. You build up benefits in the Career average plan and may also build up benefits in the Investing plan at the same time:

The Unilever Career average plan (you build up pension based on your pensionable earnings between two levels)
When you retire, this will provide a pension from the Fund and you may be able to exchange some pension for cash at retirement.
The Unilever Final salary plan (will provide a pension based on your pensionable service to 30 June 2012 and your final pensionable salary)
The Unilever Investing plan (for extra voluntary contributions and for a Unilever contribution on earnings above the Career average plan higher level)
When you retire, this can provide a pension from an insurance company or you may be able to take some or all of it as a cash sum.
Pension from other sources (you may also have pensions or income from other sources, including the State Pension)
When you retire you may receive an income from those sources.

You may also have made Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) to another provider (for example, Zurich or Standard Life) which may provide a pension from the Fund, a pension from an insurance company or a cash sum when you retire.

For more information on the plans, please download the Career average and Investing plan guides from the downloadable documents area.