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You are entitled to a deferred pension under the Final salary plan if you have left the plan (either because you chose to opt out of the plan or because you no longer work for Unilever) and you either have the Trustees' agreement that you may retain your benefits in the plan or you have been in pensionable service under the plan for more than two years.

As a deferred member of the Final salary plan:

Please also note:
The actual Fund benefits you receive on retirement and the amount of pension you can exchange for tax-free cash, will depend on a number of factors, including the age at which you retire, the pension rights you have built up in the Fund, and pension law at that time.

Any discretionary practice described on this website, and any change to any such discretionary practice, in each case remains a discretionary practice which the Company retains the right to amend in the future.

Where any right to draw any pension early is subject to Trustee and/or Company consent, then nothing in this website shall be treated as giving Trustee and/or Company consent to the drawing of that benefit. Trustee and/or Company consent may only be given at the time when the benefit is proposed to come into payment.

If you were part of an acquisition, or have transferred-in benefits, different rules may apply to your benefits, including your early retirement terms or the commutation factors applying to your pension.

You can find more details of the Investing plan funds in the fund fact sheets. If you have an Investing plan account, remember to visit PlanViewer, Fidelity’s online investing service. Here you can:

You can find PlanViewer at

If you have any questions about accessing PlanViewer, or need a reminder of your login details, please call Fidelity’s Pension Service Centre on 0800 3 68 68 68.

For more information on the plans, please download the Career average and Investing plan guides from the downloadable documents area.