Pensions tax allowances

Lifetime allowance and protection


Do you have fixed or enhanced protection?
If you have tax protection such as Enhanced Protection or Fixed Protection, you must consider the implications of joining the Unilever UK Pension Fund.

As a new employee, you would normally be enrolled in the plan from your employment start date. However, if you have successfully applied for Enhanced Protection or Fixed Protection to protect your pension savings against the lifetime allowance, we do not have to enrol you automatically.

This means that you must tell us immediately if you want to opt-out because you have Enhanced or Fixed Protection. Otherwise, you will be enrolled and you could lose your protection.

It is therefore vital that if you have elected for Enhanced or Fixed Protection, you contact our Expert Administration team on 01372 945 688 (email: – ideally before your actual start date.

Please note that it is your responsibility to contact us about this. We will have no advance knowledge about whether or not you have lifetime allowance protection. If you do not tell us about your protection within 1 month (this period cannot be extended) of your Unilever start date, you should assume you will lose your protection and could suffer a substantial financial loss.

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