Automatic Enrolment

To make sure more people are saving towards their retirement, in 2012 the Government introduced new laws that give more people access to pensions through their workplace.

This is the 'automatic enrolment legislation'. In this legislation, the Government has specified a category of employees that we have to enrol automatically. In simple terms, we have to automatically enrol you into active membership of a pension plan which meets certain minimum standards set out in legislation if you:

* 2021–2022 threshold – this equates to £833 per month (if you are paid monthly) or £192 per week (if you are paid weekly). These thresholds are to be reviewed by the Government each tax year, and can be expected to change.

There are also specific rules that apply to people that do not fit into the above category.

So, if you're not an active member of the Career average plan in around three years' time (or possibly sooner if you become eligible in the meantime), we may have to enrol you again automatically. We will send you information at the relevant time if this is relevant for you. You can still choose to opt out again, but do remember, it will mean that you may no longer be saving towards your retirement.