Benefits for your dependants

Here is some further information about which of your dependants will be eligible to receive benefits on your death and about how these benefits will be calculated.

Eligible husbands and wives

Your husband or wife is automatically eligible for benefits on your death, if you were married to them before your Unilever employment ended. If you married your husband or wife after your Unilever employment ended, they do not become eligible for these benefits until you have been married for at least six months.

Allowing for age difference

If your husband or wife is more than ten years younger than you, the pension they receive will be reduced, since it is likely to be paid for a longer period. Their pension will be reduced by 1.5% for each complete year of age difference above ten years.

Civil partners

Civil partners are entitled to the same benefits as a husband or wife.

Pensions for other dependants

If you do not leave a husband, wife or civil partner, the Trustees may agree to provide a dependant’s pension to another dependant who relied either on you financially or on your joint income, or because of permanent disability if you nominate them by completing a ‘Dependant pension request form’. The Trustees must receive this form and accept the nomination before you die. Your dependant must still be eligible to receive a dependant’s pension at the date you die. Without this nomination, no pension will be payable to the dependant if you die. Contact the Unilever Pensions Team for the ‘Dependant pension request form’.

You can also apply for another dependant to receive a pension in addition to your husband, wife or civil partner. If the Trustees accept your application, your spouse’s or civil partner’s pension would be reduced to take account of the amount payable to the nominated dependant.

Working out children’s pensions

Children’s pensions are worked out as a percentage of your pension, which depends on whether or not a pension is also payable to your husband, wife, civil partner or other adult dependant, and how many children are entitled to receive benefits. The table shows the total children’s pension payable in each situation (as a percentage of your pension) which will then be shared equally among the eligible children:

Number of children 1 2 3 4 or more
If a husband, wife, civil partner or other adult dependant is also receiving a pension 20% 30% 40% 50%
If no other pension is paid 30% 45% 60% 75%

A child’s pension stops when the child reaches age 18, or 23 if they are still in full-time education. If a child is severely disabled, the Trustees can decide to pay them a pension for life.

Your nomination form

It is important that you fill in a nomination form to guide the Trustees about who should receive any cash sum benefit if you die. The form has two sections.

  • Section A – please fill in here the names of close family only. The Trustees will be legally obliged to follow your instructions in this section, unless:
    • the person you have nominated dies before you, or less than 28 days after you;
    • you were single or not in a civil partnership when you made the nomination and have married or entered a civil partnership since (unless you have told us that your new status should not affect your nomination); or
    • your nomination only covers part of the cash sum.
  • Section B – you can name anyone in this section. The Trustees do not have to follow your instructions in this section, but they will take them into account. If your nomination in Section A does not apply, the Trustees will decide how to pay the cash sum. Please note: although the Trustees would normally expect to follow your wishes in Section B, they are not legally obliged to do so if Section A does not apply.

Please remember to keep your nomination form up to date. If your personal situation changes, you may need to fill in a new form. You can download a Nomination form or contact the Unilever Pensions Team to request one.